Quality of life MODS


This Builder’s Helmet gives a buff, which helps you to build structures.
The target structure has an outline effect. the outline can have one of seven different colors.
You can change the color by pressing the “Weapon Accessory” key (default “N” key).
Another great feature is, that you can pick up every structure you target.
This should work with any structure, even from other mods.

a new configurable Scuba Goggle called a Swim Clear Mask. It aims to improve the mask for adventuring under the waves by clearing the distortion and blurring, whilst still maintaining a sense of realism to the depths. It has the following improvements over the vanilla set.
Craft your wall clock engram at level 32. The clock has Real Time or In-Game time. And the Clock has an alarm function. The alarm is always Real Time. So you never forget to cuddle your pet when its cuddle time

The Alarm is set by entering a time and alarm message. The message is shown to all your tribe members when the alarm time is resolved. You can enter a text like on the sign, perhaps to name the clock as the pet you set the time for.